Updates for 2009-04-12

  • This morning, an egg-hunt, then swimming at the rec center, PANCAKES FOR LUNCH, nap, then movie and #dollhouse. Pretty good day. #
  • Adrift: Amazing holo-nav display – like a planetarium built into a temple. Female voice – unknown languag.. http://tinyurl.com/ctawms #
  • Today, we commemorate the third day of the #zombie attack, when they scattered candy and colored eggs to lure our children from the bunkers. #
  • RT: @angelajames: compilation of links about Amazon removing gay/erotic books from searching & rankings http://bit.ly/GTeJN #amazonfail #
  • Adrift: Half-blind from the holonav ‘explosion’, and I don’t understand the words, but .. http://tinyurl.com/csavyj #

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