"You have missed the point that a 9 year old girl will live the rest of her life with the image of a man she shot through the head. No matter what your argument, a NINE YEAR OLD has no damn business being taught to shoot an UZI. People in this country need to grow up and think about someone other than themselves and the "right" to own a firearm~they have ruined that girl. Every one of you bitching about your Second Amendment Rights needs to see a body with a bullet to the head at the age of NINE, no less. Jesus."

Originally shared by +Katie Hyde

(Not my comment, but I liked it and wanted to share. She was arguing with a gun nut.)


Heartbleed, explained

This is, seriously, the sort of massive security gap I haven't seen it code since the early 90s… on homebrewed PennMUSH hacks.

xkcd: Heartbleed Explanation
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