Here’s the thing: the Hamilton/Pence drama is just that: drama.


It distracts from Trump’s $25million settlement with 6000 defrauded Americans.

It distracts from the Washington Post “stay to play” story about Trump coaxing foreign diplomats to stay at his D.C. hotel.

It distracts from his hiring Jeff Sessions as Attorney General – a Senator who was denied a federal judge appointment by a REPUBLICAN Senate, during the REAGAN era, for being racist.

It distracts from his hiring Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist – a white nationalist who wants to "tear America down" and who compares HIMSELF to Darth Vader and Satan.

It distracts from his hiring Mike Flynn as Security Adviser – a guy who was forced out of the Defense Intelligence Agency for being mentally unstable, and is an Islamaphobe whose own fears will make it nearly impossible for him to rationally find the best solution to problems in the Middle East.

It distracts from his hiring Mike Pompeo as CIA Director – a guy who supports the NSA surveilling all Americans, opposes closing Guantanamo, and criticizes the Obama administration for closing CIA black sites.

Now, DON’T GET ME WRONG: Pence managed to be the least popular vice-president at a musical where the vice-president kills the hero, and that’s funny and ridiculous and horrible. I get that.

But it’s not IMPORTANT.

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