I'm reading the Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow

It's interesting – a great read – but one of the most fascinating / horrifying things throughout the book is politicians and people in powerful government office have literally always been blinkered assholes since the very founding of the country. (And before that, pretty much forever, but whatever.)

Ninety percent of the stuff the book talks about during Adams' presidency could be taken from newspapers today.

Right down to plagiarizing sections of speeches from a member of the opposite party and getting called on it. (Which I read about yesterday in the book, then again this morning, regarding the RNC.)

Fox News? They had that. HuffPost? They had that too.

The point is, there has never been a point in our grand republican experiment when our leaders weren't aggrandizing shitlords painting crude caricatures of the opposition party with their own blood and feces.

So proud.

There's a section of the book I just got through — this would have been while Hamilton was Inspector General of the provisional army during the Adams administration, where a Federalist congressman spat in the face of a Republican, was then 'thrashed with an oak cane' by said Republican, and then picked up FIREPLACE TONGS to finish the brawl with the guy… in the middle of the House floor.

This would have been… 10, maybe eleven years into the constitutional government? What a sound foundation of glory our country is built upon.

And the baseless accusations and hype. Oh my word.

"Our president is working in secret to bring us back under George III!"

"President… Washington?"


"The commander in chief of the entire Revolutionary Army? THAT Washington?"


"Here's 45 facts, with citations, listing why that is batshit insane."

"Blah blah blah can't hear you MONARCHIST ANGLOMAN."

So… yeah. At least the opposition bullshit with Obama/Climate Change/AHCA has historical precedent?

Apparently facts have always gotten in the way of "proper politics."

Writing Updates

Ten months after cancelling my previous contract, I am once again (happily) working with a literary agent.

(Yeah, ten months. Everything in publishing is slow. No point in stressing about it.)

Anyway, now that THAT hurry-up-and-wait is done, it's time for the NEXT hurry-up-and-wait, in which my new agent submits ADRIFT to editors at various publishing houses. The posted turnaround times for replies range from 3 to 8 months, depending. Yee-haw.

Good thing I've got plenty of other stuff to work on.

Sass and Shotguns

I didn't know I needed a brilliant fan-written short story about Ma Kent sassing her husband and shooting time travelers in the face with a shotgun.

But I did. I really did. So much dust in this room.

Read it. It's worth it.


Pretentiously Kawaii • unpretty: “villain attempts to go back in time…

“villain attempts to go back in time to kill superman as a small child, gets shot in the face by ma kent, who buries him behind the barn with the others” would probably have niche appeal as a comic but i don’t care, i want it

The first time a man from the future showed up at Martha Kent’s house, Clark Kent was two years old.

According to his birth certificate, anyway. She just kind of accepted that the details were a littl…