Tweets for the week of 2011-01-02

  • One too many 'who's that flabby bastard holding my daughter?' pictures yesterday. Off to the gym. #
  • First inspection (rough frame, rough electrical) of Kaylee's new room. Nomming oatmeal to fortify and scribbling down things to ask. #
  • NICE. RT @seananmcguire: Who wrote one of the Onion AV Club's best books of 2010? Was that my evil twin, @miragrant? HOLY CRAP IT WAS. #
  • People, I know I've rung this bell already, but if you haven't read Feed, by Mira Grant, you are missing one of the best books of the year. #
  • Yumpin' yimminy it's dry out. Supposed to get cold today. Hope cold means snow, cuz right now the grass crackles when you walk on it. #
  • Ooh. Johnny Cash download pack available for Rock Band on January 4th… #
  • Spokeo may know more about you than you realize ( – Yeah. A little disconcerting. #
  • Ahh, tradition. RT @DaphneUn: Some people watch the ball drop. @doycet and I watch Denethor jump off Minas Tirith in flames. #happynewyear #
  • My daughter's marching around the house with a sign taped to the end of a stick that reads "Happy Noo Yar". #