Updates for 2009-05-13

  • Less than 2% of the users on Twitter used the “show @ replies to people I don’t know” option. Apparently those are the loud, bitchy 2%. #
  • One annoying affect of this change: people convinced followers NEED to see stranger-replies are making them “mentions” & tripling twitnoise. #
  • Reposting publically, since I just got reply- and DM-mobbed: I was referring to @Scalzi, singularly and solely. Further, he can take it. #
  • PR @exedore6 Fair point. Ev’s been saying for a year it was a big point of user confusion (http://is.gd/fNw) – perhaps an ‘expert setting’? in reply to exedore6 #
  • WOW, that was a rousing bout of… debate. (I want to say ‘nerdrage’, but don’t want to offend. I love you all!). Good way to get woke up. #
  • Agree w/ @glecharles: the (missing) option should exist, but RTs, #hashtags are MY best way to identify interesting new people. Suum cuique. #
  • Still working on an ‘intro to Physics’ class, following up last week’s Basic Grammar. The Gods of CLEP are having a laugh at my expense. #
  • 25% of all my @finnras tweets have been the full 140 characters. This is apparently called a #twoosh. The more you know… *rainbow-star* #
  • Adrift: Where they take me first will speak volumes about the situation. With my crew? Solitary? ‘I.. http://tinyurl.com/pjjln5 #

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