Site Construction

Okay, that was a bit more troublesome than expected.
I am now getting notifications when someone asks for a site-specific commenter ID. That wasn’t happening before.
I have no idea why Typekey verification isn’t working. It certainly should be. I may disable that option entirely if it doesn’t straighten itself out.
I’m terribly curious if VOX users (I’m looking at you, Mister Whetsel) can use their Vox ID to comment.
And I’ve updated the page templates to be moderately more friendly to anyone running their screen at a criminally low resolution. Functionally, the pages are tested in both IE and Firefox, and work well at any resolution over 1024×768. They are ‘okay’ at 1024×768, and ‘only if you have to’ at 800×600.

6 Replies to “Site Construction”

  1. Testing … testing …
    It remembered my abortive MT ID from yesterday. But it’s still showing the name/email/web form boxes, which I would have thought would vanish once I successfully signed in.

  2. I’m seeing that as well. I’m fairly certain that’s my own if/then/what coding error, since I don’t actually have to fill those information boxes out.

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