I always have to be somewhere, after all.

I don’t make a habit of talking about non-fiction-writing related work, but it’s a special occasion.
Essentially everything I do to make a living has to do with writing, but each project is either more or less creative, depending on context. The editing and the fiction is far and away my preferred work, but the adult learning development and change and communication management has earned a soft spot in my heart by (in short) paying well. Certain lesser aspects of my affection can be bought, apparently.
To my point: due to the labyrinthine rules that large companies and small consultants observe in order to meet and exchange mutually beneficial products (read: “cash” and “talent”, respectively), the company I’m currently ensconced within has discovered that they have to end their association with me in a few months or potentially suffer arcane legal indignities for retaining a contractor for too long.
The upside: I have loads of forewarning and a great deal of good will and support from my current employer.
The downside: the timing is terrible. (That said, I’d be hard pressed to think of a point in time where these kinds of situations would be welcome.)
So, while agentry conversations and wedding plans move along at a brisk pace, there’s at least one more thing looming on my horizon. At least with that point of reference, I know exactly where I am.

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  1. O.k. this worked too, but after you register to sign in, it gives you a message that it will send you a message to your e-mail and that never happened. But now it worked. so good job.

  2. Sorry to hear about the job stuff — I suspect the issue is that you’ve been a consistent contractor for so long, there’s a risk of you being consider an *employee* by the Feds, which would open a whole barrel of worms for them.

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