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I was telling a few folks about a quietly enjoyable show on ABC called Karen Sisco that’s really taking me back to a certain kind of story — crime novels, the sort that became common TV and movie fodder back in the sixties. I’m really enjoying what they’re doing with the show — a lot of classic ‘crime show’ faces, some good new faces, and the kind of dialogue that just feels right for a show like this; dry and deep and with a real belief in people who are working on their second chances.
Well, all that makes sense, since it’s based on a book by Elmore Leonard.
Yeah, the guy that wrote The Big Bounce, Mr. Majestyk, Fifty-Two Pick-Up, Get Shorty, Rum Punch, and Out of Sight (which the show’s based on).

Get Shorty was the first film [based of a book of mine] that “got it.” It demonstrated that you could deliver “funny” lines […] without reaction, without the character knowing he or she was being funny.

Yeah. That’s sort of what’s going on with the show. Good stuff. Stars the calmly luscious Carla Gugino, with a great supporting cast including the classic Robert Forster, Bill Duke, Peter Horton, and Jake Busey(!).
Anyway, if you’re in the market for the incredibly un-hip idea of watching a show from one of the networks, this one is my recommendation. Comes on right after Angel.

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  1. I really enjoyed the movie, though most folk nowadays would dismiss it because it stars Jennifer Lopez. It was really a good flick. But I wouldn’t expect less from Soderbergh.
    I’ll see about adding it to the Replay list and get a look at it.

  2. Good call. I’ve been hooked on this since the slick-arsed opening credits. Plus, Carla Gugino. Rrowr.

  3. Oh, great. Another TV show we should be watching. Yeesh. It’s really annoying that the tube leavens its 99% crap with that 1% of stuff you should pay attention to.

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