Tolkien had it right

In watching the Two Towers again, I’ve come to the conclusion that Arwen didn’t figure into the books for a reason.
First movie, where it’s just her face glommed over another character’s (Glorfindel’s) lines, then it didn’t matter — it worked, because it was just a different name on a pre-existing role.
Two Towers, her stuff is completely fabricated by lesser writers; irrelevant parts that make me sleepy whenever they come on — even the very first time I saw the flick, and even moreso now. Thankfully, DVD’s have scene skip.

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  1. Given that it looks like she’s not even going to be the one to deliver Anduril to her sweet baboo, the whole reemphasis of her role seems a bit pointless, yes.
    It does give them a bit of poignancy added to the whole “The Elves are Leaving” subplot, but not enough to make it worth the foofoorah.

  2. Tolkien had it right, and Jackson had it right.
    Movies need one things books don’t need.
    A hot chick
    Personally, I like having her there for the whole – the elves are leaving and the humans need to step up to the plate and get it togeather.

  3. Yeah, that must be why movies like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Bridge on the River Kwai” tanked so badly…no hot chicks.

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