12 Replies to “My old DnD group, at our 25th high school reunion. Cavalier, Bard, Druid, GM, Paladin”

  1. God, we watched the HELL out of that show.

    It came out while we were in high school.

    Friday nights. Go out drinking. Crash at the paladin's house.

    Crawl out to the TV in the morning and watch the show while numbly chewing bowls and bowls of Cap'n Crunch, then (finally) head home.

    Or, if I didn't have something to do that day, just stay in town and start playing.

    The number of times we played straight through the weekend… man.

  2. Yeah, I remember those halcyon days of inexplicable gaming endurance.

    "It's 4 AM? Enh, i can make it through a few more combat rounds…"

    two hours pass

    "Well, we're done with that. Anyone for IHOP?"

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