Updates for 2009-06-16

  • Random Average: Our first Mouse Guard session: “Not much use as a postmouse” and &#82.. http://tinyurl.com/mkhr9j #
  • Twitter switching maint to the middle of US day to reduce impact of downtime on Iranian users. Outstanding decision, Twitterfolk. /salute #
  • Turns out that the interviews going on for the last few weeks downtown were a waste of time/camouflage for an internal hiring. Bah. #
  • Writing people: check out WriteMonkey again. Pure word processor, wiki-style formating, write-or-die-like timer/quota, .doc export. Love? #
  • And hat tip to @rdonoghue for suggesting it both this week and last month. (Rob, I’ve been using on my netbook all morning. Most excellent.) #
  • Re: @ElanaJ Yeah… in my experience, the 12th time through edits is just the end of the honeymoon phase. in reply to ElanaJ #
  • Adrift: …unless the explosion is Burns trying to get his hands on me; then it would have something .. http://tinyurl.com/mr79sd #
  • Finish this sentence: “What a day; I could really go for…” #

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