Updates for 2009-06-12

  • Got the ASUS 1000he this evening. Battery won’t charge. I think I just dropped a big chunk of change to have an new netbook RMA’d. Fuck. #
  • RMA: fine for later failures, but I can return the thing to Amazon, get my money back, & get a new 1 in 1/3rd the RMA’s time. #asus #netbook #
  • I’ve been spell-corrected on twitter. Westley told me ROUSes didn’t exist. #
  • This broken Asus netbook thing really makes me sad. Ironically, I chose this one for the battery life, and it doesn’t. fucking. work. #
  • Yep. Asus support says I have to RMA the whole bloody thing for this battery problem. (Or… return to AMZ.) Upside: fast suppost response. #
  • RT @glecharles RT @drewmaniac: Today is #followfriday. Don’t make long lists of names. Give me a recommendation & tell me why. Be USEFUL. #
  • What? Amazon will send me a replacement netbook BEFORE I send the original back? See… THIS is why I welcome our new robot overlords. #
  • Anyone know of a word processor that takes raw text and formats it based on ascii symbols, wiki-style? Frex: *bold* or /italics/. #
  • For #followfriday, I recommend @VeryShortStory, which delivers exactly what’s advertised on the tin. Good stuff. in reply to VeryShortStory #
  • Re: word processor q: I want a w.p. that does the same thing as GTalk (props: @cyface), so I can write in metapad but ‘do’ formatting. in reply to cyface #
  • Dear Amazon: you’re not only replacing my netbook, but doing so via 1-day shipping, w/ clear return instructions and apology. *manly tears* #
  • Rain falling in the afternoon sunshine. Beautiful. #
  • Adrift: The explosion is followed by howl of hull breach alarms. Yoren whispers he knew I had a plan. He .. http://tinyurl.com/mpodwu #

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