Updates for 2009-06-10

  • Samhain/Halloween has faith-significance for some. For me/current story: more useful as the time to cull herds; when the dark months begin. #
  • RT: @angelajames: The Truth About Twitter (“it’s not about how many followers you have”) http://bit.ly/VyzSi #
  • No problem @glecharles: I think I’m going to load my new eee netbook with eeebuntu, so expect posts on the subject in coming weeks. in reply to glecharles #
  • Filling moleskine up with notes for Hidden Things… revision? Can I call it that? No one’s asking for ‘different’/’better’ – just ‘more’. #
  • RT: @weedatheevil: Ah yes, Summer in the Rockies — the sun, the blue sky…the tornados. #
  • RT: @DaphneUn: This may be my new favorite YouTube video: http://bit.ly/eZVah Thanks, @megcabot! #
  • The phrase “throat-punch” shouldn’t make me giggle, should it? #socialnicetyfail #
  • Adrift: I’ve no idea if Yoren is a good liar; it wasn’t why I hired him. I move in for a hug .. http://tinyurl.com/nz6xpq #

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