Updates for 2009-06-04

  • RT @amandafrench Next time you’re tempted to use “Whack-a-Mole” as an analogy, consider using “Hercules and the Hydra” instead. #
  • Sent home from work cuz everyone’s terrified they’ll catch whatever @daphneun has, from me. Bunch of g-d sissies, if you ask me. #
  • Small relief: @daphneun does not, in fact, have swine flu (no thanks to @maureenjohnson). She does still have generic illness, which sucks. #
  • Mirror’s Edge; good story, weirdly anticlimactic finale. Still working on Braid when I feel smart. Tonight: LotRO, or Mouse Guard tinkering. #
  • Adrift: I don’t know if anyone is listening, so I can’t explain OR play it straight and hope .. http://tinyurl.com/qcf3nt #

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