A shut in weekend != a lazy weekend

So, while the weather has been, if not as blizzard-swathed and snowbound as originally predicted, not exactly outdoor-activity-friendly, which fact was used to justify a weekend spent (almost) entirely at home, rather than biking around the area or doing HOA penance on the yard.

I think I'll stay inside, thanks.
I think I'll stay inside, thanks.

Unfortunately, being stuck inside didn’t really mean any time off from laborious efforts – if I were totally honest, I’d say I’ve worked more solid hours in the last two days than I have in any given week since February.  Most of that work had to do with moving kt literary from Movable Type over to WordPress and coming up with a swanky new design.  I fully expect the other literary agents out there will be green with envy. (They certainly won’t be purple, as I’m fairly certain we used up all of that color currently available on the free market.)

Kate's usually contract company couldn't be reached, which left only me to pick up the slack.
Kate's usual contract company couldn't be reached, which left only me to pick up the slack.

I really like the design, and so far the feedback from Kate’s readership has been very very positive, which indicates we went the right direction as far as her target audience in concerned.  Kate did a great job on her portions of the redesign (which involved providing almost all of the text copy for the site, a truly gargantuan effort of layout on her Clients page, and retagging every single one of her (daily!) posts for almost a year, since MT to WP migrations don’t capture tags), but I think my favorite bit is the header image, which Kate shot herself, using only a chest in the living room and copies of her clients books.

And I completely redid the layout on this site, when I wasn’t doing anything else.  (This was me. Also, it rocks.)

We are DIY cowboys. *flex*
We are DIY cowboys. *flex*

On top of all that, we even got caught up on Bones and Castle and Dollhouse when our fingers became too heavy to type.

But that’s not all! I’m doing an interview with Joanna from The Creative Penn this afternoon.  We’re doing the whole thing over Skype, with something like a nine-hour time difference (she’s in Brisbane), and I’ll be talking about Adrift, writing stuff in weird mediums in general, books, video games, roleplaying games, books based on games, games based on books, social networking, blogging tools for the technically unsure… and… I dunno, maybe I’ll explain how wikis work, just for fun.

As you know, I do ramble on a bit.

Once that’s done, I believe I might indulge in a bit of ‘it’s the weekend, dammit’, have a couple corndogs (the most American of foods), and play a little Lord of the Rings.

I'd like a refill and a slice of pie...
I'd like a refill and a slice of pie...

How’d YOUR weekend go?

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