Updates for 2009-03-08

  • RT @AletheaKontis “Midlist = authors you know and love, but your mother doesn’t.” Word. #
  • Took a ‘nap’ @ 5pm yesterday, woke up @ 5am today. Apparently I was tired. Breakfasted, code-monkeyed, and now wiiyoga and cleaning. #
  • Last 2 pages of my twitter posts: Daddying, coding, management, teaching, writing, exercise, bowling, & various games. A decent snapshot. #
  • Getting caught up on Chuck while pressing laundry. Not nerd epicenter, but I can see it from my ironing board. #
  • Brief visit from Munchkin earlier. Played Onechabara, sharing the Wii controller. Slayed zombies while she sang Wonderpets’ “Teeeamwork.” #
  • Rt @apelad “If you guessed “Saturday” as the day on which this week’s splitting headache would occur, you were correct.” Word. Ow. #
  • Retweet @mightymur RT @MariAdkins: STFU and get back to work http://is.gd/mjrW (Hell yes) #
  • It’s snowing, and I just found a #@:/!ing open window. Grr. #
  • Adrift: No one’s shooting at us, exactly: just raiders in the bazaar, shooting into the air to get .. http://tinyurl.com/d3w648 #
  • As soon as I find another decent Twitter client for Blackberry, I’m starting a second fiction series. Pulp action heroics ftw. #

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  1. Zombie slaying juxtaposed with the wonderpets has broken my brain. Now I long to slay zombie Wonderpets!

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