Updates for 2009-03-07

  • RT @rdonoghue … the true levels of skill are roughly: Tragically inept, Humorously inept, Competent, Noteworthy, Badass and That One Guy. #
  • For #followfriday: twitter fic-e-zine @thaumatrope. Great stuff. My favs? #DrGnome & #futurejer, serial fiction both like & unlike @finnras. #
  • Roger Ebert gives a spoiler-free Watchmen… review? No, let’s say “reaction”. http://is.gd/lQ7F #
  • Adrift: The route Mak and I take ends near the bazaar’s ceiling. From there, we low-g brachiate to .. http://tinyurl.com/agweag #
  • I dangle, unsure if I can survive the fall /or/ pull myself up with a hole in my shoulder. The gargoyle suggests I drop. #fiction #
  • Random Average: Missing a game, and not http://snipurl.com/da6wh #
  • Random Average: Running Watchmen with Spirit of the Century. Kinda. http://twurl.nl/yd7qm2 #
  • And yeah, I’m tweeting/posting a lot about Watchmen today – forgive me for getting swept up in the zeitgeist. it happens. #
  • Okay, I know that iPhone, iTouch, iDontcare is the new hotness, but can anyone direct me toward a die-roller for blackberry? I googlefail. #

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