First Friday, 09

Reading: Just finished World War Z yesterday. Went through the first two books of Keys to the Kingdom, via audiobook, on the road trip back to SoDak over the holidays. The Book of Lies is waiting to hang out with me during my lunch break.
Playing: Some Left4Dead to go along with World War Z. Lord of the Rings Online.
Planning: Some physical stuff ™ for the weekend (gym, backyard-work, biking?) Don’t Rest Your Head this coming Wednesday.
Wearing: Jeans, black not-quite-bowling-shirt, a grey fleece vest, and my Red Wings.
Writing: New Madness Talents for DRYH, new pages/revisions for Hidden Things.

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  1. I got Left 4 Dead for the holiday – dear $deity, that’s an intense game! I play on if you ever want to shoot zombies together. Also, my CoH global is @gamerchick

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