What a grand and majestic mess

Okay, that was just an inexcusable lack of posting.
I hardly know where to start, so this is going to be a real hodgepodge of information.
I got married! You can check out pictures over here. They aren’t sorted yet or anything of that nature, and they don’t include the professionally done ones either, but there are still some really wonderful ones, uploaded directly to flickr by whoever brought a camera to the party.
The Wedding was, essentially, perfect. I teared up as she came up the aisle, and we basically had a fantastic day. Great friends, great food, great music, great dancing, and just an all around fantastic day.
Kaylee was so solemn and serious and proud as she walked down the aisle with her little ball of flowers while everyone watched. I wonder if she’ll remember it when she’s older. I remember a few high-emotion things from when I was two or three — I hope she does. She was pretty wiped out by the time the wedding came around (thanks to late rehearsal dinners and a long day sight-seeing with my family in the city), but she was great.
I got to get my family out to New York and show them the city I’ve come to love as a second home. That was really special. Seeing Virg and T was most excellent as well — I just don’t see people enough.
I met my agent for lunch and we talked about geeky tech stuff, the Kindle I’d secretly ordered for Kate, and plans for Hidden Things. (Currently out for consideration with about a half-dozen publishers whose names liberally coat my bookshelves at home.)
I asked her if, knowing a potential publisher would (probably) have a whole new set of revisions for me, it would make any sense to sort of hold off getting into another writing project, since it would only be interrupted.
Her answer: “Write. Always go forward and write the next thing. Don’t kill your momentum.” Advice that rings with the easy-quotability of truthiness. I took it to heart.
New tiny-writing project here, inspired by the Othar Tryggvassen twitter. More I will not divulge, but it should be fun for both reader(s) and writer alike.
Is this thing on? Seriously, are the comments working? What options among all those comment options aren’t? The old site’s comment traffic didn’t always vibrate the walls with kinetic energy (note to self: secure the water main in the house before it shakes the drywall loose), but what was once a grade-school water fountain has dwindled to a drip that wouldn’t keep a hamster alive. I’m a narcissist, people: validate me.
I’m still trying to figure out how I want to set up and use this site. I’m half-tempted to just put all my game-related material here as well, but once I do that, then there’s all the requisite links I’d need to provide over to random-average.com, and that breaks the kind of zen simplicity I’m aiming for here.
Oh, right: new job. All of you wishing me well on the job hunt, thanks very much. While I was flying out to New York to get married, I got a call and a job offer. I’m the new training coordinator (read: manager) for a big-and-still-growing company in Denver who really believes in good training for their people, but doesn’t quite know how to go about it, except “get someone in here who does know”. There are worse plans.
Their employee retention rate and length of employment is about five times higher than the national average, and I don’t think it’s an accident — I’m pleased to spend my days with these folks.
And… is that it? That’s it for now. Far more frequent posting coming up. First up: toddler vocabulary and how it compares to Shakespeare.

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  1. Comments you want, comments you got.
    Wedding was faboo — both as a first-time trip to NYC myself, as a chance to meet some grand people, and as an opportunity to be a part of a great day. Oh, and the food and drink and setting were all pretty keen, too.

  2. Hmm. According to Lee, something isn’t working with the comment-code on the site, for him. I have assume that other folks are having the same problem. Something about ‘hitting the comment button’ (don’t know what that might refer to) ‘just refreshed the screen’.
    Hmm. Again.

  3. Ye gods and small fishes, man, a scroll within a scroll is a rum thing! And a high-contrast background isn’t so much with the readable, either. This scheme seems like trying to grow a cucumber in a box… Might be white and square, but is less tasty. I only came by because I was like “Hum, didn’t Doyce get married?” Congratulations on that!

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