I had no idea I had that kind of power.

When I titled the last post a grand and majestic mess, I truly had no clue how accurate a summation that would be for the problems that people have been having with leaving comments on the site.
They don’t work. They only kind of work. They work just fine, but go into a pending file I never get notified to approve. They work just fine, but go into the spam folder and I never get notified to approve.
The great irony is that all the actual spam was going into the “pending” file and the all the good comments were going into “spam”. Grr.
So: rewrote the code a bit. A lot. Actually, I gutted the MT 4.0 ‘testing for sentience’ stuff and replaced it with the code that’s been working just fine on Random Average, using this same installation of MT. I was still getting an error stating “the text you entered was wrong” for awhile, but once I determined that it was just an option I needed to shut off in MT, and not an actual judgment on the quality of my writing, everything was fine.
Amanda: you’ve been the hardest hit by all this, it looks like — all of your comments from the past MONTH OR MORE are finally showing up, and my apologies.
Any further problems should be brought to my attention via my GMAIL account of firstname(dot)lastname.

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  1. Link to the wedding pics no workee. What with your description of the megacuteness of Flowergirl KK this is not good.

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