Spindle excerpt, 1

During the course of working on Spindle for NaNoWriMo, I wrote a sort of fairytale/flashback about one of the characters — 3000 words that just gushed out in about 90 minutes.
I like it. I liked it so much that I read it to Katherine that night at bedtime. She thought it was scary, but liked the stuff about the jelly.
Anyway, the original thing was written in separate parts, so I’m going to repost them here the same way. Think of it as serial installments.

Once upon a time, on the edge of the Slowing Lands, there lived a widower with his only son. The boy was very lonely (as was the widower), for his father worked many hours every day, and the boy was often alone. To keep both his loneliness and boredom at bay, he often went exploring in the Forest of Anything.
In all of his wandering, he eventually came upon a road; long and broad and straight as an arrow (you can find anything in the Forest of Anything, after all). He walked along the road for many hours until came to an enormous house on an enormous hill; it was obviously the home of a giant.
Now, the boy was no fool; he knew as well as anyone that magical journeys that lead to a giant’s front step tend to end at a giant’s front step. But he was brave and curious, so while he knew he had to be careful, he also knew he had to get inside and see what he could.
Up he climbed along a trellis on the side of the great house (he was very good at many things that young boys are good at, and climbing was one of them) and clambered into an open window on the third floor. He found himself in a closet big enough to hold his father’s entire house.
Amazing as it was, the closet was still the most boring thing the boy would see that day.

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  1. I have a friend who is also trying to get published I think I will direct her to your web site so she can read some of your stuff or just print some of this stuff off for her.
    Good stuff

  2. Damn…had me fooled :)
    Not going to read this until I get done with Hidden Things, which is also on hold until I get my draft done.

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