Spindle excerpt, part 2

You see, the boy didn’t know which giant lived in the house, but it would have been obvious to most that it could be none other than Mudferthing, the richest and most dangerous of all. Knowing that, is it possible to imagine a house with more wonders?
The boy wandered from room to room, stopping here to gape at a golden spoon hung on the wall, there to stare at a suit of armor on a stand (with a very scary hole right through the middle) but, to his credit, he touched nothing and took nothing from the house. He knew that he had walked, not climbed, to get to this house (except for the window outside), and there were no convenient beanstalks to drop this giant from if he were caught stealing.
The day got on (as they usually do, even in the Forest), and the boy left the house before the giant returned, then made his way to visit his friend, named Kibber. As soon as he found him, he asked about the giant’s house.
“Oh ho, boyo, you found yourself Mudferthing’s place, and it’s lucky you took aught from it!” cried the wise fey.
The boy replied that he was no fool. “Still, I can’t figure out why someone hasn’t done something about that giant,” he said.
“Done something?” said Kibber. “What do you mean?”

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  1. enjoying the read – will have lots to catch up on Monday so make sure you post over the weekend.

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