Geek Overload

Nathan Fillion finishes up signing autographs at GenCon SoCal and shows up at a Firefly RPG game.

…it all gets surreal when Nathan Fillion shows up and sits down to play.
Turns out he had been signing autographs elsewhere on the showfloor and one of my players very nicely asked if he’d stop by. For all his awesomeness, he did.
An incredibly nice guy, we clued him in on the scenario, went over the character sheets with him — he got a laugh out of some of the quirks I had written up for the “Mal” character — and he rolled some dice with us.

Words do not express.
Apparently, he also took a hand at playing the part of River :)

2 Replies to “Geek Overload”

  1. That’s so cool.
    Can’t imagine, say, Angelina Jolie showing up to play in a Tomb Raider RPG, but that’d just be silly, wouldn’t it? And a run on sentence. And a sentence fragment.

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