Random DVD Movie Bits

Road to Perdition and The Ring available for preorder or coming out RSN. Cool.
Also, someone mentioned (Stan?) that the BBC’s Neverwhere miniseries was going to be out on DVD soonish, but damned if I can find anything on it.

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  1. The article as I saw it on the Gaiman site…
    Neil Gaiman news
    From his site:
    My name is Pamela Kipnes and I am the Marketing Manager for A&E Home Video/New Video. Through our deal with the BBC, A&E Home Video will release Neverwhere on DVD in a 2 pack set in June 2003. We are all very excited about this project, and I was hoping that you might want to be involved. If you were interested, I’d love to hear your thoughts on potential DVD bonus features, plus any other marketing or promotional ideas you

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