CNN.com Put a stake in it: Gellar leaving ‘Buffy’.
Bears-cave.com – Eh. I never really though Gellar was the best part of that show… in a number of ways she was something I had to deal with in order to enjoy something else, so I wouldn’t be adverse to a spin-off.
That said, it’s been a great run (certainly one that will keep even minor recurring characters in pizza and beer for the rest of their lives even if they never work again, thanks to syndication) with some fantastic moments, and I’m looking forward to the next thing from both the cast and Whedon.
In other news, Firefly is still cancelled while Birds of Prey airs it’s 2-hour season (not series) finale this week.
Translation, there is no justice (or taste) in the television industry.

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  1. I’m hoping for some sort of Willow/Xander spin off. I read in the TV Guide web site that the Faith spin off probably won’t happen because she’s already signed with another show.

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