Animated you are, yes…

Picking up where Episode II left off, the saga of the Clone Wars will continue through animated shorts premiering this year from the Cartoon Network and Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars: Clone Wars will be a series of 20 animated shorts that will air on the Cartoon Network in 2003-2004 between other programming.
Helming this new series is Genndy Tartakovsky, the acclaimed creator of “Samurai Jack” and “Dexter’s Laboratory.” The episodic shorts will be two- to three-minutes in length and will air exclusively on Cartoon Network at regularly scheduled times beginning this fall.

Sadly, I’m considerably more interested in this than I am about Episode III, and I don’t even get cartoon network right now.

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  1. Off topic, and yet on topic
    the D20 Star Wars core worlds book came out last thursday. Looks pretty good

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