Last Firefly post today (for at least another hour)

So from now on, the goal is to have Firefly picked up by another network. The first target at the Firefly Immediate Assistance Campaign is UPN. They’ve had success with Joss Whedon’s work in Buffy and previously expressed an interest in Angel. Send them a copy of the Variety ad using the postcards available here.
Address the postcards to:
Firefly Immediate Assistance Campaign’s advice is to let them know how much you enjoyed the show while it was on FOX, and how eager you are for it to find a home with UPN. Keep things upbeat and positive. Some ideas for things to mention: your favorite episode, why the show moves you, why you think the show has potential, etc.

2 Replies to “Last Firefly post today (for at least another hour)”

  1. Well, I sent them a long postcard this morning. I really think UPN would’ve been my first choice network, anyway. (We, um, actually get UPN reception… Whereas Fox, I have to read the TWoP recaps to get the details of what those gorgeous witty fuzzy grainy people were actually doing… But seriously!) Like I said on the postcard, it’d be like having both Boardwalk and Park Place. They could advertise for Firefly on Buffy and Buffy on Firefly and bring the extra Firefly viewers onto the Buffy bandwagon… Or, I guess, they have “Enterprise”, too, right? It could be like Marvin Gardens and Ventnor Place and that other lame yellow one that no one ever lands on… I dunno, I hate that corner of the board. Um, diverted again. Anyway. I hope UPN can take it up.

  2. Maybe Joss can make a deal with UPN. One more year of “Buffy”, and UPN takes on Firefly.

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