I want it to be tomorrow night

Lois McMaster Bujold, a right-fine sci-fi and fantasy writer whom I really can’t recommend enough, has prescreened the Two Towers and provides a review here, quite spoiler-free and predictably erudite.

Short, non-spoiler review:

Oh. Yes.

Longer version: This was very fine. [snip] As with the first film, I could spot quite perfect renditions of elements from the novel, over and over, just as described, which always made me want to cheer. It still stuns me that they managed to get anything this good past the Hollywood system.

I really don’t think I could look forward to tomorrow midnight anymore than I already am, but damned if this didn’t raise the bar again.

(via the charming and shockingly-powerful Madeline)

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  1. Woot! I have my tickets for Wednesday afternoon. Gonna fire up the extended DVD version at home first then hit the theater at 4. Wotta deal!

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