From the creator of Buffy, Angel, and… that other thing

Four AM. Can’t sleep. Who’d have thought?

There’s a couple of things I’d like to say and a few things I really can’t. …

Don’t think for a second that I have given up on this show. I think it has been mistreated shamefully but the Fox network has indicated that they would not stand in the way (which they can) of my finding a new home for the show. That’s no easy prospect. But I will do everything in my power, as always, to keep this bird in the air. Of course I’ll post if there’s any news. …

So for now, I proudly take my place beside Profit, The Ben Stiller Show, The Tick, and Action. But I won’t rest until I’ve found safe harbour (no, not the Gregory Harrison show) for this vessel.

I’ve got the time.

It ain’t like I’m sleeping.


So, hope springs eternal. Everyone say it with me: UPN, UPN, UPN — where the network is happy to have you.
Couple things:

  • Firefly has more current viewers than Angel or Buffy.
  • Their ‘horrible ratings’ are double-digit multiples of Buffy’s numbers the first season.

A cult hit on a smaller network seems like a perfect fit.

3 Replies to “From the creator of Buffy, Angel, and… that other thing”

  1. What I really want more than anything is for someone to pick up Firefly and over the course of a couple years (I’m in no hurry) build it’s viewership to the point where it is soundly thrashing whatever Fox has up against it in its time slot.
    That’s really all I want. And a signed script book.

  2. Profit, damn that was a good show – all 2 eps of it… Good luck to you! Maybe fox will crumble, unlike that damned sci-fi channel. What is it with cancelling the good shows?

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