[insert appropriate Shakespearean curse here]

Tim Minear and Joss have announced that Fox has not picked the series up. No more episodes will be bought by Fox, though they claim to want to air the in-production eps now being worked on (2) at some point.
Here’s hoping Firefly flies on another network.
By the way, thanks go out to Jon, who hooked me up with a sweet little site that’s got all the Firefly eps available for download in electronic format. I’ve got them all on my harddrive for Christmas CD burning fun.

4 Replies to “[insert appropriate Shakespearean curse here]”

  1. It kills me that a show like Buffy has been a huge seven-year hit and currently having the best season in 4 years, and it’s first-year numbers were a BARE FRACTION of what Firefly has right now. Fox doesn’t remotely see the potential franchise here.
    Hopefully someone will. I just can’t imagine that UPN or someone wouldn’t want to pick this thing up — it would be huge for them. There’s got to be a way to cut that deal.

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