How is this possible?

Susan Lyne, president of ABC Entertainment, told reporters that ABC’s spy series Alias will take on a new level of complexity in its upcoming sophomore season. The mind boggles.
This announcement has sparked a small, panicked avalanche of copycats “making something that already is incredibly __________ even more incredibly __________” in arenas outside of television. Sources report that Dick Cheney plans to have small devil’s horns in the shape of nuclear warheads surgically attached to his head, George Bush is scheduled for a full frontal lobotomy, and Big Oil and the American Tobacco Growers Association have revealed (in a prepared joint-statement which closely matched the original ABC template) that they plan to “take on a new level of rapacious self-interest in the coming year”.

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  1. I thought you were going to tell me that they were canceling Alias and I was going to freak out! Love that show.

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