So, went to see Mr. Deeds tonight with a couple free movie passes. I’ll provide a short review (sure, you’ve probably either already seen it or aren’t going to, I know… I just feel like talking about it), but let me first frame this up for you:
I don’t worship Adam Sandler. Little Nicky was an abomination, for example. That said, I’ve enjoyed several of his movies (I quote lines from Happy Gilmore under my breath while golfing far too often.) Everyone clear? You know where I stand?
Okay, the review: I think this is probably the best Sandler movie. If you liked The Wedding Singer, you’ll like this — it has the same feel-good vibe with Sandler playing a genuinely nice guy (no dumb voices, no abject stupidity, etc.). It’s upbeat, it’s funny.
Still not convinced? Okay, here comes the big guns:
John Turturro, whom you might remember as Pete Hogwallop in O Brother, Where Art Thou? (“Do Not… Seek… the Treasure…”) plays Emilio, the spanish butler.
He’s a genius. There are other reasons that this is now my favorite Sandler movie, but if you removed all the rest of them and left Turturro playing Emilio, it’d still win by a nose. Great stuff.