“Check out the feature on muzzle velocity…”

A few days ago, I found Jackie downstairs watching TV. I asked what was on (it was on a commercial break), expecting the standard Trading Spaces answer.
“A special on Kevlar.”
“On what?”
“Kevlar. The stuff they use to –”
“I know what it is, why are you watching it?”
She shrugged. I went back upstairs. Today I asked her about it again.
“I just feel like I’m in the dark about body armor compared to everyone else [that we know].”
A telling statement about us and our friends, to be sure.

2 Replies to ““Check out the feature on muzzle velocity…””

  1. The Kevlar patent and trademarks are DuPont’s but the scientist there that came up with the stuff is a woman. Stephanie Louise Kwolek invented para-aramid fibers – used in mooring ropes, fiber-optic cables, aircraft parts, canoes and bullet-resistant vests.
    Kevlar is good stuff, the laptop bag for my TiBook is Kevlar. One of the quiet sciences that is on it’s way to busting out all kinds of goodness is Materials Science. Of instance, they have e coli putting out spider silk now as a replacement for Kevlar in bullet resistant applications and spall protection.
    They tried to breed spiders for the application, but when you put 10,000 spiders togeather, you end up with one very fat and happy spider…

  2. I don’t know which makes me respect Jackie more…the fact that she loves Trading Spaces (I am an addict) or the fact that she keeps you on your toes.

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