"Dwarven Chronicles"

The wise. What kind of tests does something like this apply to? I'd really like to rack up the uses I need on this thing so I can get rid of it :), but we can't seem to come up with tests where the bloody thing applies, so I welcome brainstorming.

Thoughts? Speak, my dwarven brethren.

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  1. That's sort of the problem we've run into – since I'm currently with a group in human lands in a human tomb, and it seems to apply to just knowledge of old dwarven history, it doesn't apply to sod-all.

    I thought maybe it could be "applies to to the recording of things in the dwarvish method", so I could use it on stuff like cartography/map making, but that's a bit of a stretch.

  2. Perhaps you remember an old text comparing superior dwarven craftsmanship to the inferior human methods, which would allow you to identify weaknesses in a structure, etc etc.

  3. I had it all set up to use it as a bonus to a Loremaster beginner's luck roll tonight, to remember what my people had written about these perennial raiders from another continent…

    … AND the other dwarf in the group was going to be able to use HIS identical wise to help.

    … and then I realized we both had Angry and couldn't use wises. :P

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