Tweets for the week of 2013-04-14

  • It would be interesting (read: fundamental sea-change) if libraries had the same social heft as art galleries; the same backer prestige. #
  • I'm imagining that libraries-as-galleries thing: bookstores thus become like commercial art-shops. Balance shifts. Art ? Product? Hmm. #
  • Reason I'm thinking about this: I know lots of people who paint just to enjoy painting; it's okay. Far fewer writers can do the same thing. #
  • Writers writing just to write are, today, often seen as failing, because writing SEEMS more about finding audience than creating a thing. #
  • I mean, you share a story and get "Okay: who's the audience for this?" No one asks that about the puppy painting you did last weekend. #
  • I think you can write things you enjoy, and if it's good, it'll find audience. But it's hard to SEE that in today's "industry" environment. #

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One Reply to “Tweets for the week of 2013-04-14”

  1. Well, there are sites like this one: The Argent Archives, which is a site for World of Warcraft roleplayers (on the EU-Argent Dawn server) to share their (in-character-ish) stories and images. Most of it falls clearly in the category of “puppy painting”, and it’s shared mainly with other people interested in this shared world. (I help run the site, managing the hosting and software.)

    I imagine there are more places like this, for what amounts to fan-fiction.

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