Tweets for the week of 2013-02-17

  • Here comes Monday. #
  • Another day, another series of emails that remind me why I loathe Reply-All. #
  • Woe unto me, whose wife decreed that our Valentines Day movie will be A Good Day to Die Hard. Oh. No, wait… that's awesome. ? @DaphneUn #
  • Lunch at Five Guys Burgers. Die Hard viewing later. Valentines Day in 'murica. #
  • "Hi. I'm John McClane, and I have infinity hit points." Happy Valentines Day. #
  • Periodic party guests will be relieved to know @daphneun's ensured I'll no longer be serving port in shot glasses, muttering "just slam it." #
  • AH haha haha… I know what's going on, I know what's going on. #singsong #whidbeymfa All about the #LittleThings .. #

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