Tweets for the week of 2013-01-27

  • Per @clovis69's instructions, I'm creating a new genre of meandering rebellion anecdotes. "Blatherpunk." It is what I was born to do. #
  • RT @rstevens: LEGALIZE JOE BIDEN NOW #
  • "Empty Tables" and "If I Had $1,000,000" have interchangeable lyrics. This and MORE in the blog. Musing about Voice: #
  • I think I win. #holycrap #
  • RT@nekoewen Someone made a Tumblr for sharing people's stories of how tabletop gaming made their lives better. #
  • Weird. Seems a bunch of twitter interactions (twitteractions?) from the last week or so have disappeared. #
  • It's normal for problems to show up once you start revisions on a story. Little disheartening when the problem's "You didn't finish this." #
  • Started morning with edits, followed by quick browse of 1-star Hidden Things reviews on Goodreads. Refreshing. #
  • I should compile all 1-star reviews into a blog post. "Why you should not read me. Ever." That seems like a crowd-pleaser. #
  • Really feel like I'm starting to *get* this marketing thing. Right? #
  • Really don't know whether the 1-star or incredibly happy 5-star reviews of Hidden Things confuse me more. I *do* know which I like better. #
  • RT @ShaneHelmsCom: Basically every religious war ever! #
  • RT @HonestToddler: Running errands. If you need me I'll be crying into my shirt sleeve. #
  • RT @HarperVoyagerUS "HIDDEN THINGS mixes the flavor of a hard-boiled mystery with fantasy–surprising and satisfying." Thanks, @SuspenseMag! #
  • RT @LauraBenanti: "It's 3:33 am. LET'S THINK ABOUT STUFF!!" ~my brain #
  • Happy Birthday to Sean-bear, best of all possible bears. #littleman #
  • For Sean's birthday, @daphneun picked up cupcakes with more frosting than actual cake. He didn't seem to mind. #
  • "It's not weird anymore." (Manic Pixel Dream Girl, Part 1 – The Bygone Bureau) #
  • "Every one-star review is a bow to the creator of that product.  Every three-star “meh” is a lie." #
  • #librarians I need your #library expertise: Discussion Topic: Independent Authors in Libraries? #
  • Awww yeah, get down. (photoset) #

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