Tweets for the week of 2012-12-23

  • After seeing The Hobbit again, this time with Kaylee, I've decided Thorin is awesome, Bofur is my favorite dwarf, and 3D is a total waste. #
  • "Is that a Valveco sprinkler head?" Serenity meets MST3K… sort of. #
  • Note to self: Not all of your MLP wallpapers are 100% SFW. Stupid wallpaper shuffle. #
  • "A reasonable and smart person might note that one does not need to be a student of advanced statistics to spot a… #
  • Running into a really annoying issue in Faction Warfare, which I think needs some testing. The Situation: a guy in… #
  • "You're not the customer. You're the product being sold." — Facebook's new slogan? #
  • So much this. (DOGHOUSE | What’s It Like?) #
  • Sheesh. I take my eyes off the internet for ONE DAY and My Bookish Ways names Hidden Things one of the #BestOf2012 #