Tweets for the week of 2012-11-25

  • Who says I don't drink enough to be a writer? #
  • Goddammit, Bad Guy, quite acting like a person and be a bad guy. Why yah gotta go off script and get interesting on me? #writerproblems #
  • Picked up the Marvel rules last week. Feel like I should apologize to @boymonster for not getting on the Cortex Plus bandwagon sooner. in reply to boymonster #
  • Wooooo! (The PA Report – Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan returns to write two new Star Wars films) #
  • Hate coming home to a vague airborne funk. Only two explanations are (1) something went bad or (2, more horrible) it's always like that. #
  • Arrived home. Everyone in immediate family (except me) sick. Trip was both exhausting and not long enough. Typical Thanksgiving. #
  • Retweet for Great Justice: I'm a 13 year old would-be writer/director. I have a PC. I need an affordable video camera. I would buy… #
  • I love this. Have to laugh at how close to Hidden Things it is. #