Tweets for the week of 2012-08-12

  • Awesome. Watch Curiosity land on Mars with considerably less time-delay than NBC Olympic coverage. #
  • What If: Robot Apocalypse — A post that makes Curiosity even more impressive. #
  • RT @sekimori: I wish my house had a search engine. #
  • Hidden Things and @chuckwendig's Mockingbird mentioned in Kirkus Reviews' "speed reader" suggestions for August. #
  • After mucking around with various advertisement and promotional… things, I can say, with complete authority, I'm very bad at such things. #
  • Best Olympic camera angle: #
  • "I don't mind spoilers at all, and I find extreme spoiler-aversion pretty tedious." #
  • Hidden Things cover design contest. Perfect for those with mad design skills… or MSPaint a few spare minutes. #
  • Honest Toddler (and the related Twitter account) is wonderful. And terrifying. Because I'm quite sure my son is… #