Tweets for the week of 2012-07-01

  • Librarians and book reviewers: if you're set up on Edelweiss, you can check out my new book, HIDDEN THINGS, here: #
  • Mass Effect 3: Gaming, Stories, and the Democracy of Fandoms #
  • Amuses me when someone says "they're a blogger, but not a journalist." Such a GRAND title. But wait. Journalist. One who journals. Yeah. #
  • In one hundred fifty years, the remaining water-starved tribes will scoff at leading communicators: "he's just a c-moter, not a BLOGGER." #
  • Heading to South Dakota. Frontier helping us get in the mood; treating everyone like cattle. #moo #
  • RT @DaphneUn: kids fell asleep holding hands. #dawwww #
  • "So I got an email from the Spice Girls yesterday…" This is how conversations with @DaphneUn start. #
  • Just found out there's a show called Swamp People. Running on the History Channel. Faith in humanity: careening off a cliff. #