Tweets for the week of 2012-01-01

  • Wrapping up our visit to South Dakota with dinner at the Redneck Paradise / He Ain't Here Saloon. #awesome #yesseriously #
  • As this is the Midwest, the taco bar features tater tots as a main component, and coleslaw is the only salad containing an actual vegetable. #
  • That… was a hell of a flight. Little Man was in (thankfully) rare form. Didn't make any friends on that plane. #
  • Whatever your dilema is in life, this link will solve it #
  • THANKS to all the fine folks who assumed that my account was hacked, and NOT that I was suddenly super-interested in your financial health. #
  • I might not have noticed what was going on for awhile, is what I'm saying. Anyway. Password changed. Spammers can fuck right on off. #
  • (And if you are feeling stressed about post-holiday debt, I recommend a nice vanilla porter.) #
  • So, someone backs into my car, and their insurance-backed autobody shop can't work on it for… three and a half weeks? Really? #
  • Apologies again to the folks I spammed this morning. Very very sorry. #
  • Things my child has taught me are possible, #24 plugging in my cellphone one-handed. #
  • The boy's new favorite toy: Whatever the girl got. The girl's new favorite toy: whatever the boy got. #
  • This toy-reversal means the girl is trying to play Mary Had a Little
    Lamb on a four-key piano, while the boy wraps himself in a Slinky. #
  • RT @timlwhite: I think my biggest boardgame revelation over the last few weeks is how fast you can play a boardgame…on your phone. #
  • Family boardgame hit of the holiday trip home: Blokus. New to us. Enjoyed it enough our annual Smack Talk Dominoes marathon never happened. #
  • Note: when I say "smack talk dominoes", think of a dominoes game that would seem at home on the set of Jerry Springer. #
  • Intelligent and Insightful (Penn Jillette: An Atheist's Guide to the 2012 Election) #
  • Looking forward to this evening's desperate attempt to dispose of the last of the holiday sweets. Err, I mean: "Our New Year's party." #