Tweets for the week of 2011-06-12

  • Kaylee has no school dresscode this month. Can you tell? #
  • Just realized that The Boy didn't spit up on me all weekend. Did not, in fact, really spit up all weekend. #knockwood #deeplysuspicous #
  • I want an app for my droids GPS navigation that appends "you monster" to every voiced direction. #portal2 #potato #horribleperson #
  • Conducting salad experiment. Romaine, check. Cucumber, check. Carrots, check. Green pepper, check. Tomato, check. Mango? Check! #whatthehell #
  • Work-related cascade-fail disaster averted. Mostly. Almost entirely mostly. Barely got any mud or bodily fluids on me? Call it a win. #
  • Four chewed-up straws on the edge of my desk today. Blast from my past, and an indicator of today's stress levels. #