Tweets for the week of 2011-05-01

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  • There's snow on the lawn this morning. Also, two very affronted looking bunnies. #
  • Ken Robinson on reforming education: ADHD is a "fictitious epidemic." ( – So good. #
  • How to tell if your kid's school is run by a couple unrepentant girlie-girls: tomorrow's lunch menu is Fish and Chips. #THEwedding #
  • Dragon Age RPG Set 2 Available for Pre-Order ( – Excellent. #
  • (Inspired by the ongoing Sony fuckwittery.) Remember: every day can be International Change Your Account Password Day. #
  • Okay, love the #DragonAge tabletop rpg, but… Green Ronin, you just released two game books with no table of contents. W. T. F. #
  • Gutters: Issue #130 – Raul Trevino ( – In Joss we trust. #
  • "#Dragonage doesn't need a table of contents because it has an index." = "A restaurant doesn't need a menu if it has a detailed bill." #no #