Tweets for the week of 2010-12-12

  • Why look: Musicland is buying Sam Goody – #
  • Man I hate people. Sometimes. Not *you* guys, of course. Definitely not you guys. But, you know… people. Everyone else. #
  • Cataclysms are tiny, compared to the Big Bang ( – My first article for MMO Reporter. #
  • Comic: Teef ( – Oh yeah; this is gonna be me. #
  • Weather Radar ( – This is pretty much what it's like to live in Denver. #
  • Can you be a Community Coordinator for the whole Universe? ( – Latest article for MMO Reporter. #
  • More than 1000 Wikileaks mirror sites spring up in a week ( – Can't stop the signal, Mal. #
  • This sums up what the holidays are like around here: @daphneun – "I think I have glitter in my eye." #
  • The Play’s the Thing: A New Holiday Acting Event for LotRO Thespians ( – Me on MMO Reporter again. #
  • The Road to Mordor: A conspiracy of hats ( – Funny hats. Funnier commentary. #
  • Banana split for breakfast! Except the ice cream has been replaced with oatmeal and the whipped cream with brown sugar and milk. But STILL. #

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