November 2nd: Things I Don’t Like

It’s November 2nd. Here’s a few things I don’t like about November 2nd. Just a few.

First: the Internet. Yes, you, Internet. This is you:

Didja vote yet? Didja vote yet? Didja vote yet?

I voted days ago, Internet. STFU. Seriously.

Second: the folks who are trying to help you stay motivated for NaNoWriMo.

They’re like: “How’s it going on that, umm… Nah No Wree Mo thing? All done?”

And you’re like:

Something important is missing.

Seriously. You got six thousand words done on your first day — what did they do?

(Also: if you seriously got six thousand words done yesterday, I hate you a little bit — just a little. I’m still doing revisions, so I haven’t actually started NaNoWriMo yet. Soon. Soooon…)

The final thing on my short little list-of-dislikes today?


WHY is it that I always get a pile of good ideas for new stories when I’m already working on one two three other things?

OMG! Bakelite-punk! Awesome!

If you’re having this problem (and I’m going to guess that you either are, or will very shortly), get a notebook and keep it handy by your writing desk. Or writing space. Or wherever you do your thing. Writing Jacuzzi. Whatever. Keep a notebook handy, and when you get a shiny, new, distracting idea for a story, open up your notebook, write the idea down…

… and then slam that notebook shut as hard as you can. Punish those little bastards. They are not your friends right now: they’re like those exes who ignore you until they hear you’re dating someone new, then suddenly call you up and want to hook up for drinks. They have ulterior motives, is what I’m saying; do not trust them.

You know what I love, though? Two things.

1. Biting off more than I can chew.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Seriously, I think that’s my second favorite part of November: the insanity of it. De wrote a few weeks back about how we should always challenge ourselves to do more than we did the last time — I was pretty busy last November, but I do have a pretty good idea for what I’m going to accomplish this year; we’ll see how that turns out. I think that she really nailed one of the best things about NaNoWriMo: the opportunity to really push yourself. That’s good stuff.

2. Hanging out in the madhouse.
Kate said to me once “You’re really good at November,” by which I think she meant that I’m super productive during this month and often really struggle to stay focused a lot of the rest of the time. She’s right, and I think the reason for that is the simple fact that I’m like some kind of vampire creature who feeds off the collective creative energy oozing out of every tube on the internet this month.

Also me.

It’s heady stuff.

How about you? What do you love/hate about this time of year?

3 Replies to “November 2nd: Things I Don’t Like”

  1. That picture’s startling in a way that the pictures with a monster jumping out at you aren’t.

    Today: no political calls. Good enough for me.

    Hope the edits go quickly and well :)

  2. Speaking for the Internet, not all of us live in the US. I have no reason to ask if you voted.

    I like this time of year. The only thing that messes it up is far too much coverage of the US elections in Canadian media. It’s not so bad this year, but the Obama year was really annoying. I doubt people in the US even know we had an election here, finished last month.

    The best thing about this month is Remembrance Day. I collect poppy pins and remember my Grandfather who was a sailor and my other Grand-relatives who lived through those times. I wish I had more clothes in the 30’s style. Not that I’m a clothes horse, but they just look so elegant. I really like Autumn rainy days when it’s quite cold and the leaves on the ground seem polished by the rain, like a piece of art.

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