Updates for the week of 2010-04-18

  • Hmm. When WordPress creates a new post, it's also creating an "Assets_c" directory full of 100s of trojan-infected files. Anyone? WTF? #
  • I wouldn't, had I been asked before today, expressed much interest in an apricot wheat beer. I was wrong, and happy to have been proven so. #
  • Happy Anniversary to @daphneun, a lovely and remarkably patient lady. Anyone have good geek-shirt suggestions for the 'cotton' anniversary? #
  • Oh my. My love of Google Voice just grew three sizes. http://is.gd/bu55m #
  • One of the finest things about humanity's current lifespan is that it's given me time to realize that I really like cooking. #yummystew #
  • Taxes at their lowest in 60 years. http://is.gd/bvRxe #
  • Hating the new Star Wars MMO for the Same reason I hated the prequels. Lightsabers are common. Read: "Without special distinction/quality." #