Updates for the week of 2010-03-07

  • Kaylee's toys are flying to grandma's house. In a spaceship. There are evil robots! Her groovy girls are firing the 'lazer-bazer'. #soproud #
  • Kaylee is demonstrating sudden and inexplicable knowledge of ABBA lyrics. I blame @maureenjohnson — and I suspect that would thrill her. #
  • Manufacturers are now putting instructions on candy bar wrappers. Where to hold it; where to pull. Is this needed? Are we devolving? #weeps #
  • Status, King Bidgood: Still in bathtub; still refusing to get out. #justthoughtyoushouldknow #
  • My weekly workday schedule just got a LOT more flexible. :( Upside: my (ex)boss is pretty awesome. #
  • OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Once again, a GREAT video – http://youtu.be/qybUFnY7Y8w #
  • Must. Resist. Shopping. Urge. (Want that SR2 cap BAD.) http://is.gd/9zviU #
  • 3/2/2010 (http://goo.gl/GEFd) – Pretty in green. #
  • Anyone ever played this? Thoughts? http://is.gd/9KVw6 #
  • For #ff or #followfriday or whatever, I point at @dknippling — a good person to know if you like either words or food, but especially both. #
  • Date night concludes with a couch, @daphneun, Farscape, and possible a large packet of crackers. Sometimes they matter. #
  • Heading downtown for Mary Poppins with @daphneun and the munchkin. #
  • Completely nuked @daphneun's entire photoblog in, like, two mouse clicks. I am Jack's complete incompetence. #

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  1. Re: candy bar wrappers.
    I suspect that the manufacturers have seen some Tea Party videos and figure better safe than sorry.

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