Updates for the week of 2009-12-13

  • Mount Rainier Considers Its Mental Health (http://j.mp/7D9a4L) – This should have been the geological apocalypse movie John Cusack made. #
  • Spent the day hiding from the snow, both movies and computer playing soft procrastination music. #
  • Also: watched LotR on tv today, instead of the Director's cuts I have on the shelf. Why do people do that? Far more importantly, why do I? #
  • My child is tryimg to out-stubborn me. She has apparently never met me. #
  • If you'd like to request that Scrivener be made for windows, the link's here: http://bit.ly/8rtola
    (via @rdonoghue) — pleasepleaseplease in reply to rdonoghue #
  • You know what's a hard word to type out? Description. Stupid 'r'. #
  • So, the McGuffin in Avatar is "unobtanium". It's like they wrote the 'plot' with [detail here] brackets and never filled them in. #
  • Thanks to everyone for the RTs on today's post. The whole topic still feels kind of mushy (ha!) in my brain, so I'm glad it's semi-lucid. #
  • The "I want a candy bar" part of my brain is staging an ill-conceived coup against the "nuh-uh, it's #!^&ing cold out" regime. And losing. #
  • Adrift: A voice shouts ‘ENOUGH’, blasting through comms loud enough to be heard over the can.. http://bit.ly/88BPAd #
  • RT @ChuckWendig: Quit While You're Behind: Why You Shouldn't Be A Writer. http://tinyurl.com/yj6up2f #
  • Google Chrome finally breaks out some 'official' extensions. Excellent. Helloooo ChromeBird twitter app. #
  • Adrift: In the silence, the new voice continues: “Captain Delain. Welcome. I received your message.. http://bit.ly/4yfNv4 #
  • My daughter is really concerned she doesn't know what she wants for Christmas. I have tried suggesting things; this agitates her. #
  • write write write bitch about cold write write write coldbitch write write writerglow coldbitch writerbitch coldglow go get daughter YAY #
  • Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges: http://is.gd/5gQWp — Ur doin it rong. #
  • "…what a drag and a burden it is to sweat your 'personal brand' in the pursuit of a better-fitting mask." – http://is.gd/5gR1J #
  • Let's count this as my post today: More on Descriptions: the When and Why http://bit.ly/7u4ED3 #
  • RT: @glecharles: "Dear book industry, I'm sorry to tell you this, but your ebooks really aren't worth $25." @jmcquivey http://bit.ly/6Ohz9f #
  • RT @rdonoghue Simon & Schuster and Hachette – doing their part to guarantee ebook piracy becomes the norm. http://tinyurl.com/y9jl3b2 #
  • And yes, I know that's the second RT I've done about the same topic, but I'm too angry to tweet – even post – anything cogent about it. #
  • You know what? The fact that @ebertchicago is rocking the FUCK out of twitter fills me with joy. I look forward to the rest of my life. #
  • Adrift: It intercepted the comms I sent Kaetlyn – thinks it was the intended recipient. It wants to know.. http://bit.ly/4ZwBd3 #
  • Adrift, Episode 10 (podcast) http://bit.ly/5NFxO7
    – in which there is little bit of kissing. #
  • How cold is it in Denver? So cold it breaks the laws of thermodynamics. http://brizzly.com/pic/O43 (Thanks, Mark.) #
  • At the child's Christmas Show, waiting for the Jingle Bells to be rawked. #
  • Amazon Disc+ On Demand: Buy a DVD, Stream it Immediately (http://j.mp/6fivbW) – Here's an idea: do the same thing with books. #
  • Rt @lumpleygames Bad movie writing: "He taught me everything I know … and then some."
    Wait, he did what now? #
  • RT @MuppetsStudio: Watch "The Muppets: Ringing of the Bells" http://bit.ly/5SHbl0
    @youtube #muppets (@agentshana has excellent taste) #
  • RT @paulandstorm: [P] @Molly23 & @TheDoifter's uke-based adorableness + @jonathancoulton's lyric-retention skills = http://bit.ly/4Yy90N #
  • Adrift: I explain I meant it for my daughter, who is here. Somewhere. Voice tells me no DNA-descendants .. http://bit.ly/8VbvhC #
  • Random Average: Big Problems, Little Solutions: E-book Publishing Ideas Stolen from Gamers http://bit.ly/4Yyk0Q #
  • I feel I should play MtG at some point. Would this provide enough stuff to play real games with people? http://bit.ly/5pjh4v #
  • #agentappreciation Thanks to @agentshana for putting up with me, and @daphneun for telling me how to be easier to put up with. #
  • 2009-12-12: Sinfest – The Meaning of Christmas Trees (http://j.mp/6u1pNQ) – G'head, look it up. #
  • Homebrew, $300 book-scanner (http://j.mp/74CSSL) – In case anyone thought I was making up how easy it is to scan a book. #